Good stuff: Crussh Smoothies


This post will probably mean nothing to our loyal North American readers, but here in London, England there is a fantastic chain of Juice bars called Crussh which offer fantastic smoothies. Not only are they very tasty, but they are also extremely healthy, which anyone will tell you is important to me as my body is like a temple. Also, unlike other lesser smoothies, these are made fresh and with frozen yoghurt (98% fat free natural – eat that TCBY).

I think this would be a great franchise to export to Canada and the US, I’m not really sure where the smoothie stands trend-wise in North America at the moment, but I’m pretty sure the health craze is still alive and kicking. Not only does Crussh offer smoothies but it also has a range of healthy lunches and breakfasts, so it would do great with the health-conscious lunch crowd and instead of a coffee in the morning, grab a Bananarama with an energy booster on the way to work! What do people think? Would this make a good business?

Good stuff Crussh.

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