On rotation

This is a new feature on the site where we’ll talk about what music we’re listening to at the moment. I’ll probably have an eclectic mix of stuff from the 60s through the 90s as well current music. Mark will probably being listening to something horribly depressing.

1. “Mason vs Princess Superstar” by Perfect Exceeder – some Eurotrash dance music
2. “This Aint A Scene, Its An Arms Race” by Fall Out Boy – This is the only song I’ve ever listen to by Fall Out Boy becausee they generally seem like a bunch of guys I’d hate, but this song is catchy
3. “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen – Took the lady to see Dirty Dancing the musical and now this song is stuck in my head… I’m straight
4. “Grace Kelly” by Mika – Catchy
5. “- Something Kinda Ooh” by Girls Aloud – I’m a big fan of Girls Aloud, they are huge in the UK but I think are unrelatively unknown in North America. There songs are very catchy and they are hot.

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