What women want

 What women want

Mel Gibson and I are alike in many ways, we both know how to flatter women (I often use the term “sugar tits” myself) and we both know what women want. Case in point my girlfriends birthday (this past Friday).

I told her to take the day off work as I had planned a romantic weekend away – I did not tell her where we were going, however I did lead her to believe we’d be flying to get there. I had in fact rented a car and planned a trip to Oxford for one night and then to a spa retreat in the English country side.

Things started off just as planned. I had devised a rouse that I would plant something in the rented car and then as we were allegedly on our way to the airport I would pretend to steal it from what she would think was a random car. I set the scene perfectly by complaining of being very thirsty as we walked down our road looking for a taxi, and then as we passed the rented car I yelled, “Look a smoothie!” and ripped open the door. Her screams of “Baby!!” and “What are you doing?!” made all the planning worthwhile.

On our way to Oxford we stopped by at Warwick castle which is an amazing castle. When you think of your stereotypical Medieval castle, you think of this place. I got more then a few home decorating ideas for when I eventually buy my own place, including massive portraits of myself on the walls of the dining room, a smoking room and giant stuffed bear.


At Oxford we stayed at the Randolph Hotel which incidentally, is where Bill Clinton stays when he visits his daughter who is a student at Oxford. The Randolph is a very nice hotel with a great spa (rated as one of the Top 50 spas in the world by the Independent), a famous bar (frequented by Inspector Morse from the Novel and Television series of the same name) and a great tea room for your typical English afternoon Tea. I’m happy to say I took advantage of all three – however I do think the actual hotel rooms befit a 4 star hotel rather than the 5 star the hotel is rated at.

 Cheltenham Park Hotel

After spending a night in Oxford we then carried to our next destination, the Cheltenham Park Hotel in Cotswolds, driving though the English country side to get there and stopping by a quaint little village called Woodstock. Here we just relaxed, hung out at the pool and in the sauna and then enjoyed some spa treatments before heading home late Sunday afternoon.

On our way home we did get slightly lost (time and time again I let her navigate only to be sorry), but it did allow me to do some driving on some tight windey back roads at speeds excess of the limit.

All in all, the trip was a success, she was very impressed which resulted in the desired outcome.

3 Responses to What women want

  1. Anne says:

    Aww you are so cute. Good work James!

  2. […] Photo courtesy of Executive Summary. […]

  3. danmihalache says:

    A very nice answer to your question offered finnish poet Risto Rasa:
    I am like an old house,
    If you stop heating me, I will deteriorate.
    Best regards, http://danmihalache.wordpress.com

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