On rotation

April 30, 2007
  1. “West coast” by Jason Schwartzman‘s Coconut Records – Jason who used to be the drummer for Phantom Planet (known for “California, the OC theme song) has just released his debut album “Nighttiming.”  Great Californian sound. Regardez:
  2. “Taco flavoured kisses” by Jennifer Lopez:
  3. “Buttons” by Pussy Cat Dolls featuring Snoop Dog – not a pussy cat doll fan but this is catchy

Good stuff: Cocktails

April 20, 2007

I like beer… I appreciate good wine… I even enjoy a glass of port or cognac after dinner, but what I really love are cocktails.If I had to choose between drinking a beer or a cocktail, I would choose a cocktail hands-down. Is there anything less manly about that? I don’t think so, Ernest Hemingway didn’t think so, and he fought bulls! Incidentally, his two favorite drinks were Daiquiris and Mojitos (in my top 5 as well).

As it turns out cocktails are also health foods according to this article. This makes sense as cocktails were originally a morning beverage, with the name being a metaphor for the rooster (“heralding morning light of day”), or so Wikipedia claims. Suddenly my drinking 2 Bloody Marys every morning doesn’t seem so unhealthy… does it Dr. Wang?? Whose got the drinking problem now?

Will Ferrell takes on YouTube

April 18, 2007

A short movie entitled “The Landlord” by Will Ferrell has been popping up on the Internet the last few days. This wouldn’t be news (it is rather amusing though) except for the fact its being used to promote a new YouTube style website called “Funny or Die” which focuses on comedic clips and Will Ferrell is one of the owners. The concept is quite good, while YouTube has videos of every kind and quality, Funny or Die provides specifically what most YouTube users want, funny clips, while also offering an interesting tiered rating system.

Here’s the mentioned video:

Update: Yes it is ironic that I’m using YouTube to show the clip for Funny or Die

Infusion Angels

April 18, 2007

Last year a seed fund called Infusion Angels was started at the Technology Park Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Ontario (my hometown). The website was pretty vague, but it mentioned an association with IT solutions provider Infusion Development. I did some snooping around on the Internet and found that the founder of Infusion Development, Greg Brill, is Waterloo graduate and also has a blog.

In one blog post entitled “I Am No Walt Disney, But I Have a Mouse” he talks about his desire for a “the next big thing” and also a need toattract and retain top talent. He figures he can do both by leveraging ambitious talent at Infusion Development by creating a Venture Fund and giving them the financing and operational support they need. Not a bad idea, as of yet its unclear whether they have made any investments, but I do know someone who is pitching to them soon, so it’ll be interesting to hear the feedback on that experience.

Notice period

April 18, 2007

I’m to work until May 3rd but I have very little to do, and what I’ve been asked to do, I’m putting off. So expect alot more posts! I’m actually working on sort of a Suit buyers guide which hopfully I’ll have ready soon, in the meantime please enjoy a clip of Gob from Arrested Development and his $7,000 suit, Come On!

Leaving London… not quite yet

April 18, 2007

Ever since I resigned and announced I’m leaving London there has been barrage of stories about how great London is, specifically compared to New York:

  • NYMag: “If Paris was the capital of the nineteenth century and New York of the twentieth, London is shaping up to be the capital of the 21st”
  • IFA Online, BankNet 360: London is taking over as the world’s financial capital
  • NYTimes: The best cocktails!

It’s enough to make you stop and think, “am I making the right choice?I’m leaving London right at the start of a cultural revival, shouldn’t I take part?!” The city does seem to have a new energy, and there is always something new and interesting going on. The area in which I live (Bloomsbury) is currently going through a revival of its own through ggentrification, as major investments are made in the area. It’s an exciting time and it’s tempting to stay a bit longer.

I’ve decided that I’ll stay until July, and try to enjoy the city as much between now and then, which might be challenging as I’m unemployed and this city is bloody expensive!

Here are some counter arguments:

  • Emily Bobrow of the Economist responds to NYMag’s piece
  • The Weekly Standard comments how the whole London vs. New York thing is getting out of hand

Good stuff: Peep show

April 17, 2007

No, not peep shows the enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning, Peep Show the TV program on Channel 4in the UK which just began its 4th season. Peep Show is a very funny comedy about two roommates living in South London, a “Posh spaz” named Mark ( a bit like our own Mr. Glass) and cocky freeloader Jeremy.

I just discovered the show and haven’t seen too many episodes but I like what I’ve scene so far. Mark is extremely socially awkward and is afraid of gangs of British kids… I can relate to that. Jeremy, the more social adept one (just barely), is a freeloader attempting to pursue his dreams in music… which I can relate to as I’m now a freeloader also following my dreams. The show follows both of them from their own POV (Point of View), with voice-overs telling us what they are thinking, which usually has something to do with Mark’s awkwardness or Jeremy’s unwarranted confidence.

My favorite character though is a guy name Super Hans, a crack cocaine addict and Jeremy’s creative partner who often spouts out drug-fueled political opinions.

Super Hans

Incidentally the actors that play Jeremy and Mark are also the featured Actors in Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertising campaign, similar to one in the US featuring John Hodgman:

Get a Mac

Good stuff Peep Show. 

Youtube has the complete first episode: