Good stuff: Peep show

No, not peep shows the enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning, Peep Show the TV program on Channel 4in the UK which just began its 4th season. Peep Show is a very funny comedy about two roommates living in South London, a “Posh spaz” named Mark ( a bit like our own Mr. Glass) and cocky freeloader Jeremy.

I just discovered the show and haven’t seen too many episodes but I like what I’ve scene so far. Mark is extremely socially awkward and is afraid of gangs of British kids… I can relate to that. Jeremy, the more social adept one (just barely), is a freeloader attempting to pursue his dreams in music… which I can relate to as I’m now a freeloader also following my dreams. The show follows both of them from their own POV (Point of View), with voice-overs telling us what they are thinking, which usually has something to do with Mark’s awkwardness or Jeremy’s unwarranted confidence.

My favorite character though is a guy name Super Hans, a crack cocaine addict and Jeremy’s creative partner who often spouts out drug-fueled political opinions.

Super Hans

Incidentally the actors that play Jeremy and Mark are also the featured Actors in Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertising campaign, similar to one in the US featuring John Hodgman:

Get a Mac

Good stuff Peep Show. 

Youtube has the complete first episode:

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