Infusion Angels

Last year a seed fund called Infusion Angels was started at the Technology Park Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Ontario (my hometown). The website was pretty vague, but it mentioned an association with IT solutions provider Infusion Development. I did some snooping around on the Internet and found that the founder of Infusion Development, Greg Brill, is Waterloo graduate and also has a blog.

In one blog post entitled “I Am No Walt Disney, But I Have a Mouse” he talks about his desire for a “the next big thing” and also a need toattract and retain top talent. He figures he can do both by leveraging ambitious talent at Infusion Development by creating a Venture Fund and giving them the financing and operational support they need. Not a bad idea, as of yet its unclear whether they have made any investments, but I do know someone who is pitching to them soon, so it’ll be interesting to hear the feedback on that experience.

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