Leaving London… not quite yet

Ever since I resigned and announced I’m leaving London there has been barrage of stories about how great London is, specifically compared to New York:

  • NYMag: “If Paris was the capital of the nineteenth century and New York of the twentieth, London is shaping up to be the capital of the 21st”
  • IFA Online, BankNet 360: London is taking over as the world’s financial capital
  • NYTimes: The best cocktails!

It’s enough to make you stop and think, “am I making the right choice?I’m leaving London right at the start of a cultural revival, shouldn’t I take part?!” The city does seem to have a new energy, and there is always something new and interesting going on. The area in which I live (Bloomsbury) is currently going through a revival of its own through ggentrification, as major investments are made in the area. It’s an exciting time and it’s tempting to stay a bit longer.

I’ve decided that I’ll stay until July, and try to enjoy the city as much between now and then, which might be challenging as I’m unemployed and this city is bloody expensive!

Here are some counter arguments:

  • Emily Bobrow of the Economist responds to NYMag’s piece
  • The Weekly Standard comments how the whole London vs. New York thing is getting out of hand

One Response to Leaving London… not quite yet

  1. Anne says:

    I think there have always been really good articles about how great London is. Maybe you just didn’t notice it while you lived there and have only started to notice now that you are leaving the country.
    Plus you can always come back….

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