Good stuff: Cocktails

I like beer… I appreciate good wine… I even enjoy a glass of port or cognac after dinner, but what I really love are cocktails.If I had to choose between drinking a beer or a cocktail, I would choose a cocktail hands-down. Is there anything less manly about that? I don’t think so, Ernest Hemingway didn’t think so, and he fought bulls! Incidentally, his two favorite drinks were Daiquiris and Mojitos (in my top 5 as well).

As it turns out cocktails are also health foods according to this article. This makes sense as cocktails were originally a morning beverage, with the name being a metaphor for the rooster (“heralding morning light of day”), or so Wikipedia claims. Suddenly my drinking 2 Bloody Marys every morning doesn’t seem so unhealthy… does it Dr. Wang?? Whose got the drinking problem now?

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