Career changes

I found an article entitled “Taking the fear out of career change” which suggests 5 steps in making a career change. I’m in the midst of doing this myself and so far I’m doing pretty well, if I use these steps as a measure. Lets take a look:

  1. Test things out before you make the leap: As I’m not exactly sure what I want to do this is pretty important for me. I’ve begun applying to different internships as a way to try out new jobs and see if I like them. Also I’m exploring starting my own company and have begun networking with other entrepreneurs and developing business plans and seeing where that takes me.
  2. Talk about your change in a way that will make it happen: I haven’t done too well here as I’m not really sure what I want to do next, so I’m usually pretty sketchy when talking about it. I need to get better at this.
  3. Keep your significant other in the loop: Check. She is very supportive.
  4. Make the change before you go nuts: I think I was a little late on this. I stayed in banking about a year longer then I wanted to. On the upside I’ll be able to support myself financially for quite awhile which gives me a lot of flexibility.
  5. Downplay financial issues: My long term earning goals are pretty high, but in the short-term I’m willing to be flexible and sacrifice pay in order to learn. That being said, it’s difficult burning cash with none coming in.

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