Castro and his pet bear

The below picture was taken in London. A dude that looks like Fidel Castro is driving an army jeep and has a bear in the passenger sheet… is this even legal? Where did this guy get a bear?? Who would sell a bear to this guy?? Don’t you need a license? It doesn’t look like its wearing a seat belt either, very dangerous. I love this picture though and I’d like to have a drink with this guy, with or without his bear.

Castro and a bear

2 Responses to Castro and his pet bear

  1. some guy says:

    Thats a dog, you son of a bitch.

    I’m gonna kill you

    (I’m dragging my index finger across my throat)

  2. That’s a bear, a Ursus arctos or in laymen terms a brown bear. It’s science, you can’t argue with that.

    May I ask why this has angered you so much?

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