Pitching #2

The Advisor Garage blog has post on what VCs are looking for when approached, no surprises but re-affirms what’s important: The team, the opportunity, uniqueness and exit strategy.

I just signed up to the Advisor Garage as an “advisor”, highlighting my Telecoms industry knowledge and company valuation and pitching experience. The site separates users between “advisors” and “advice seekers.” Advisors are those with experience and skills that are looking for new business opportunities. Advice seekers are those with the idea but who need help turning it into a business.

While at the moment I’m an advisor, I have several ideas and once I do some due diligence on them I would ultimately like to be in the advice seekers group.


2 Responses to Pitching #2

  1. You would be welcome as both.

    Thanks for the mention and please email me as you use the site with any thoughts or feedback – all very welcome!


  2. Just wanted to let you know after your mention in May that we have just launched our members community site. It would be great to see you there…

    Thanks again to you and your readers.


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