What’s wrong with Balsillie?

June 23, 2007

I’m a big fan of RIM and the Blackberry but I think there is definitly something wrong with CEO Jim Balsillie. The Globe and Mail have done a number of articles showcasing his competiveness, the most recent one has an amusing little anctode about his poor gamemenship as well:

Just how much does Mr. Balsillie hate to lose? Not long ago, during a round of golf in Hamilton, Mr. Balsillie lost a bet to Mr. Foxcroft on the 18th hole.

When it came time to grudgingly hand over the money, the high-tech CEO, whose net worth has been estimated at more than $1.6-billion (U.S.), was visibly shaking.

“He said, ‘I’m not going for a drink. Here’s your $20,’ ” Mr. Foxcroft recalled. “I said, ‘It’s only $20.’ And he said, ‘No it isn’t. It’s all about pride.’

The fact that he can’t stand to lose has been directly linked to why RIM over paid NTP by about $400m dollars as it could have been settled much sooner. It also looks like his attempt to buy the Predators may have been botched as he jumped the gun and began to pre-sell season tickets in Hamilton, before the sale was final and before any decision to move the team was made. Doesn’t he have any tact?


Netscape founder on VC

June 22, 2007

Very interesting reading, Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, gives his opinion on VC:

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

On rotation

June 22, 2007

A few classics…

  1. “Everybody’s Takin'” by Harry Nilsson – Been in a few movies Midnight Cowboy, Forrest Gump and Crank, one of those songs that you keep hearing randomly but never know its name, well I finally figured it out, thanks to the movie Crank… the highlight of that movie for me.
  2. “Handle With Care” by Traveling Wilburys – Orbison, Petty, Dylan, Harrison and Lynne (the guy from ELO that looks like a Will Ferrell character) – in my opinion the best ever Supergroup
  3. “End of the line” by Traveling Wilburys – another one… why not


June 22, 2007

Hey, sorry its been awhile since I last posted, I’ve been pretty busy and these posts take alot out of me… each one takes hours as I finely craft each and every sentence and imbue it with a piece of my soul… at the end of it all, what’s left for James?

Seriously, I’ve got a couple of things going on at the moment, firstly I’ve begun working with a group of business men on an interesting idea for a startup. I’ve been brought on board for my telecoms industry expertise and my financial background and have been working on developing the business model. Secondly, I’ve got a one month stint as an assistant to a producer at a successful film production company (they’ve got an Oscar).

Not really sure where my focus will be later, but at the moment I’m just trying to figure out what I enjoy doing most.

Homeschooling spokesman of the year

June 11, 2007

I recently came across this interview with the 2007 National Spelling Bee champion Evan O’Dorney, who happens to have been homeschooled. This is a great advertisement for homeschooling and this kid deserves some sort of award, like spokesman of the year. Apparently the kid has a black belt in Karate as well, no doubt learned from a book and tested by his mother. So, very smart, Spelling Bee champion, black belt, socially graceful and also apparently quite the lady killer (checking to see if his mother meant that literally) – the complete package!

Marketing 101

June 7, 2007

I found some amusing videos I helped make in University which were apart of an assignment in marketing class. We were supposed to demonstrated 3 different types of marketing/branding strategies using milk as a product. My group (well more myself and my friend Dan who stars in the videos) decided to be a bit funny with ours… they aren’t really acceptable advertisements!

Using seduction:

Using fantasy:

Using lifestyle:

On rotation

June 5, 2007

Just saw “Umbrella” performed by Rihanna on the MTV Movie Awards, I’ve actually never heard of her but really enjoyed the song!