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August 25, 2007

Hear my name by Armand Van Helden – The result of random Youtubing


Cool link

August 24, 2007

We’ve all been there, there’s a TV commercial or movie trailer with a great song that we love but we can’t for the life of us figure out the song name or artist. Well there’s a site called AdTunes which hosts forums for people to come together and figure out the song names. The members of the forum are extremely friendly as well… check out this exchange of private messages that started just minutes after I joined:

alleycat08: hello…i noticed ur new here and would like 2 introduce myself. i’m allie a.k.a. alleycat08.
Me: Not to be rude, but why?=)
alleycat08: SORRY!!! just makin friends….but whatever
Me: Was a legitimate question, no reason to be offended.
alleycat08: …i’m not… but gosh, how old r u?
Me: I will tell you but why would you like to know?
alleycat08: well u kind of seem bitter and in a bad mood…which is sometimes a sign of aging. and i dont mean 2 offend u whether ur old or young. i’ll tell u my age if u tell me urs.
Me: Bitter? Bad mood?! I gave you a smily face in my first response! I was trying to be friendly yet at the same time discover why you picked me to befriend.

Then you got offended, in a bad mood?

I’m 26, and aging quite well thank you=) (please note smily face)
alleycat08: oh sorry… i just happened to notice u were knew so i thought i’d give ya a buzz…btw can we change the subject now? i dont want us getting off on the wrong foot! …cool?
Me: That’s very neighbourly of you, but I’m not actually into “cybering”… litigation reasons and all… I’ve been hurt in the past…
alleycat08: i understand… sorry if i’m bugging you.:(
Me: Yeah you just never know with the internet, you could be a vivacious 19 year old co-ed at UCLA or you could be a 44 year old data analyst from Ohio – there is just no way of knowing!
alleycat08: well for starters, i’m not a damn co-ed! i’m 17. i could prove it 2 u by showing u a pic of me…but then again – skeptics wouldnt believe me!
Me: That’s a bit young, some might even say illegal. Plus I don’t think my wife and kids would understand.

Yeah I know, I’m an idiot

Updated property investment model

August 24, 2007

I sent my property investment model to a old investment banking colleague and he made a number of fixes and additions. The latest version can be found here.

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.


August 23, 2007

There is a business in the UK which has a great concept and is implemented extremely well and my friend Mark (also the so called Religion and Carpentry Correspondent who has posted once) and I have been discussing taking the business to Canada. We’ve talked to the founders and they are open to the idea of partners taking the concept to new markets and would like to meet next time I’m in the UK.

As great of a concept as it is, without the expertise of the founders and the ability to leverage their existing investment and infrastructure, we probably wouldn’t try it on our own. The Globe and Mail has an article about franchises and how they have a much greater chance of succeeding:

The vast majority of new companies fail in the first year. In fact, the odds are so long, it’s said, that the best scenario new businesses can hope for is to break even in Year 3. There is, however, one significant exception: franchises. Ninety-three percent of franchisees not only survive the first year, they’re still in business 10 years later, according to the Canadian Franchise Association.

NDAs and the fear of being ripped off

August 20, 2007

Even in my limited experience in startups and the film industry, I’ve come to realisation that the best way to pick out someone who doesn’t know what their doing is if they are too paranoid about someone stealing their ideas.

Everything I’ve been taught and have read myself about the film industry is that the studios are extremely conscious about intellectual rights and the danger of being sued. Stories of people being ripped off are actually extremely rare.

The same seems to go for startups. You are never going to get a VC to sign a NDA and you shouldn’t even demand it. They aren’t interested in your idea, they are interested in your execution. Here is an interview with a VC that discusses this topic along with some others.

Great VC Blog

August 20, 2007

RedEye VC is the blog of Josh Kopelman is a partner at VC firm First Round Capital. This blog is always an interesting read and features indepth looks into how VCs work – ie. what they are looking for, analysis of business modelscurrent trends, and is not afraid to admit a bad call by featuring is woulda coulda shoulda list of startups gone big that he had passed on.

On notice: Steve Wozinak dating Kathy Girrifin

August 19, 2007

How did this happen? Are they trying to piss me off? Surely they know that I had put them both on notice and this is some sort of retaliation… god think of the off spring. I have a friend over at NASA, good guy, and he builds super-computers all by himself. Well he used a very sophisticated program to determine what their baby would look like and oh my holy mother of god its as scary as its completely realistic. Take a look…

Baby Woz Griffin