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We’ve all been there, there’s a TV commercial or movie trailer with a great song that we love but we can’t for the life of us figure out the song name or artist. Well there’s a site called AdTunes which hosts forums for people to come together and figure out the song names. The members of the forum are extremely friendly as well… check out this exchange of private messages that started just minutes after I joined:

alleycat08: hello…i noticed ur new here and would like 2 introduce myself. i’m allie a.k.a. alleycat08.
Me: Not to be rude, but why?=)
alleycat08: SORRY!!! just makin friends….but whatever
Me: Was a legitimate question, no reason to be offended.
alleycat08: …i’m not… but gosh, how old r u?
Me: I will tell you but why would you like to know?
alleycat08: well u kind of seem bitter and in a bad mood…which is sometimes a sign of aging. and i dont mean 2 offend u whether ur old or young. i’ll tell u my age if u tell me urs.
Me: Bitter? Bad mood?! I gave you a smily face in my first response! I was trying to be friendly yet at the same time discover why you picked me to befriend.

Then you got offended, in a bad mood?

I’m 26, and aging quite well thank you=) (please note smily face)
alleycat08: oh sorry… i just happened to notice u were knew so i thought i’d give ya a buzz…btw can we change the subject now? i dont want us getting off on the wrong foot! …cool?
Me: That’s very neighbourly of you, but I’m not actually into “cybering”… litigation reasons and all… I’ve been hurt in the past…
alleycat08: i understand… sorry if i’m bugging you.:(
Me: Yeah you just never know with the internet, you could be a vivacious 19 year old co-ed at UCLA or you could be a 44 year old data analyst from Ohio – there is just no way of knowing!
alleycat08: well for starters, i’m not a damn co-ed! i’m 17. i could prove it 2 u by showing u a pic of me…but then again – skeptics wouldnt believe me!
Me: That’s a bit young, some might even say illegal. Plus I don’t think my wife and kids would understand.

Yeah I know, I’m an idiot


One Response to Cool link

  1. Anne says:

    James you are so funny! lol

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