The Dragon’s Den in Canada

While I was in England I always enjoy watching Dragon’s Den on the BBC, the “Dragons” for the most part (minus the useless Rachel Elnaugh whose claim to fame was a startup that went bust) were pretty shrewd and knew their stuff. Richard Farleigh was the best.

I come back to Canada and see that the CBC now has a Canadian Dragon’s Den, I watched it and was very disappointed. It has too much of an “American Idol auditions” episode feel, where they bring a bunch of rejects on the show with stupid ideas and the Dragons rip them apart. The Dragons themselves often ham it up way too much, and come off amateurish. None of the Dragons have expertise in manufacturing as mentioned in this blog, so quite often you’ll hear “It’s not a space I know anything about.”

The great thing about the BBC Dragon’s Den is that its much more serious, it’s more about the business of investing, rather than the business of show.

(By the way, I saw Duncan Bannatyne at King’s Cross station once, he noticed I was staring at him and walked away – true story)

3 Responses to The Dragon’s Den in Canada

  1. Thanks for that James, I can see you know how to charm the ladies.



  2. Apologies, I’ve made it less offensive. Now stop searching the internet for your name and get back to work!

  3. Karl says:

    Its nice to see James cave to a “celebrity”. It would be good to see a blogger stick to his guns these days. I saw my friends die in Korea to protect our right of free speech. I can still see the pain in their faces, the shrapnel in their necks, chopsticks in their eyes….its haunting. Looks like ill have to find another edgy blog to fill the hole in my heart.

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