I want

I haven’t owned a gaming console since the Sega Genesis, I’ve always been a PC gamer. Lately however, I just don’t have the patience for gaming on a PC – the constant upgrading, crashing, patching, etc etc. Also, the time I have for games seems to steadily be decreasing. So I’ve been thinking of getting a console, I don’t need to worry about any hardware issues and the games tend to be more casual so I can jump in and play in bite sized chunks.

Despite all the missteps that Sony has had, I’m a believer in the PS3, and lately things to be going their way. While its more expensive than the other systems, I think you get more bang for your buck. This guy did an analysis of what system offers the best value and determined that the all-in cost for a PS3 is $790 vs. $960 for the Xbox 360 and $654 for the Wii. While this assumes that both the PS3 and Xbox can play HD movies (add-on cost included for the Xbox), the Wii has no such capability so it looks like the PS3 wins.

Anyways, I’ve let the whole family know exactly what I want for Christmas this year!


 PS. Yes I’m 26, and yes I’m too old to be getting presents like this from my family – don’t judge me.

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