On rotation

April 20, 2008
  1. Paper Planes by M.I.A. – Saw this on the Pineapple Express trailer when I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall and thought the song was perfect. Funny story, Tom Hanks and his wife were sitting behind me and were laughing hysterically throughout the movie!
  2. Straight to Hell by The Clash – Paper Planes samples this song.

Comic sale

April 4, 2008

Santa Monica has a really cool comic book store called Hi De Ho Comics on Santa Monica Blvd. This past weekend they had a parking lot sale, which seems to be an annual thing. They brought out boxes and boxes of comics onto their parking lot, and for $20 you get a “small” box, and for $30 you got a big one, and you just go crazy filling your boxes up. I chose the $30 box, and I think walked away with over 150 comics.

I ended up getting almost the complete series of “Alpha Flight”, Canada’s answer to The X-Men (published by Marvel). – obviously not a big seller in the USA. I had never read an issue before, but I needed to fill my box up some how!

Social media sponsorship roundup

April 3, 2008

Further onto my earlier post, here are some more sponsorship deals, unfortunately no deal sizes:

  1. Stardoll signs sponsorship deal around Nim movie – Featuring environments from the film and virtual items
  2. Coca Cola launches avatar-based Facebook application – I wonder if they outsourced the development of this app
  3. Habbo/Paramount licensing deal – Not all that new, but one of the most interesting I think. Talent/Literary agency WMA brokered this deal apparently

Good stuff: Def Leppard

April 3, 2008

I remember the first time I listened to Pour Some Sugar on Me, as usual my music tastes were 10 years behind the times and it was late 90s. I quickly became a huge Def Leppard fan as I discovered their numerous hits. Well today I just got wind of two pieces of great news, first it look like Def Leppard is coming to Guitar Hero! Secondly, they will be having an outdoor concertfor the Jimmy Kimmel show. Oh, by the way, I don’t care what you think about them.

Def Leppard, Good stuff.