A friend’s short film…

January 24, 2009

He’s trying to promote it online so here it is:


From the Mouthpiece on Back

August 26, 2008

Some friend’s of mine have just launched the sale of their documentary ‘From the Mouthpiece on Back’ which is about the New Orlean’s brass band TBC and their lives after Katrina – The Roots make an appearance as well. Check it out at their website – if you buy it, use the coupon “GOTBC” and you’ll get 20% off.

Here is the trailer:

Funny webisode

May 7, 2008

WordPress is so annoying, you can’t imbed videos that use a Shockwave player. Anyways, go here for a funny webisode that guest stars Michael Cera.

Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

December 10, 2007

Filmmaker Chris Jones posted on his blog the other day that he was trying to decide whether to invest in a Blu-ray or HD DVD player, as a filmmaker he also needs to think about what format to release his latest short film (Gone fishing). Since I had recently looked into it myself, I emailed him my research, and he posted it here. Quick summary:

Warner is rumoured to be backing Blu-ray exclusively soon. Read here...

Stats on Marketshare show that Blu-ray is leading since inception and also recently. Read here...

Michael Bay prefers Blu-ray…Read here… And  here… 

The end result for me is Blu-ray via a PS3.