I want

February 28, 2008

Written correspondence is extremely rare these days, what with the “Internets” and “Electronic mail”, but there is still something special about receiving a hand written letter, now more than ever. While I tend to stay away from snail mail, I just don’t have the patience, I have a feeling that if I had my own personalized stationary, I would do alot more correspondence with people. The stationary I want is Symthson’s, which has a proud heritage of making stationary since 1887, and would surely impress anyone receiving it.

Not only do I want this stationary, I’d also like a personal assistant to handle the mailing and address. I figure once I’m able afford dropping this much on stationary, a personal assistant would make sense.


I want

December 7, 2007

I haven’t owned a gaming console since the Sega Genesis, I’ve always been a PC gamer. Lately however, I just don’t have the patience for gaming on a PC – the constant upgrading, crashing, patching, etc etc. Also, the time I have for games seems to steadily be decreasing. So I’ve been thinking of getting a console, I don’t need to worry about any hardware issues and the games tend to be more casual so I can jump in and play in bite sized chunks.

Despite all the missteps that Sony has had, I’m a believer in the PS3, and lately things to be going their way. While its more expensive than the other systems, I think you get more bang for your buck. This guy did an analysis of what system offers the best value and determined that the all-in cost for a PS3 is $790 vs. $960 for the Xbox 360 and $654 for the Wii. While this assumes that both the PS3 and Xbox can play HD movies (add-on cost included for the Xbox), the Wii has no such capability so it looks like the PS3 wins.

Anyways, I’ve let the whole family know exactly what I want for Christmas this year!


 PS. Yes I’m 26, and yes I’m too old to be getting presents like this from my family – don’t judge me.

I want

December 5, 2007

Finally saw The Darjeeling Limited and thought it was great. What really caught my eye was the set of luggage the guys were lugging around with them. It was their deceased father’s, and it looked to be custom made. His initials were on each piece and they were numbered. I did a little research and Marc Jacob designed them and they are actually being auctioned off – see below for a pic.

Darjeeling luggage

Someday I want a set of custom-made luggage… something that will last forever and my children will use… on their cross India train trip.