God vs Jesus (a.k.a JC)

February 2, 2007

Who is the better? Why I direct all prayers to just one…


For my first post, id like to settle an age old debate, who is better….father or son. In this case, the father/son duo is God and J.C. Ive divided this battle of titans into three categories (1) Beards (2) Carpentry and (3) Hanging out on a Friday night. I will use TV, movies and the Bible as my main sources of information.

Beards – The acceptance of beards from a fashion perspective is cyclical. They are currently in style in a short form. The “I haven’t shaved for a couple days so I look like I have a beard, but I don’t resemble a bear” look (note to my friend sean: you look like a bear). In TV shows like The Simpsons, God is portrayed as having a long beard, very unfashionable. On the other hand, J.C. is very hip, sporting a shorter one in FamilyGuy. At this time I choose to look past J.C.’s mullet and give him the win.

Verdict: JESUS

Carpentry – One would naturally give J.C. a head start in this category due to his earth dad’s occupation as a carpenter. God’s hand in creating the world can not be overlooked since he basically did it all on his own. The definition of carpentry has to be considered as God simply created people, wildlife and nature (we will overlook his mistakes with red heads & gypsies), J.C. was schooled in the art of creating structures from wood. This is not to say God couldn’t build a gazebo, but J.C. would have refined skills in handling a a plane, Black and Decker drill or hammer.

Verdict: JESUS

Hanging out on a Friday night – Since there is little documentation of God actually hanging out on earth, J.C. has the upper hand. J.C. not only rolled with a pretty big posse (not sure if you’ve heard of the 12 apostles- except that a-hole Judis), but also had a gal on his side. J.C. hung out with the lepers of society, which would give him easy access to street drugs and malt liquor. J.C.’s blood also tasted like wine (see mass last week as an example). God would probably be no fun, since he spent a lot of time making people, wouldn’t be in favour of actions which would hurt them. He was all alone in creating the world and seems like the kind of guy that would prefer reading a good book (probably either the Bible or The Da Vinci Code) in front of a fire.

Verdict: JESUS

J.C.won this round, but in a battle against other religions he doesnt stand a chance against the Supreme Being that is Vishnu. As you can see, he has many arms which ables him to do more stuff.