On notice: Bandwidth caps

January 21, 2008

I just signed up to Time Warner Cable’s ‘All the best’ package, including cable, broadband and a phone line. I chose them over Verizon as Verizon’s online ordering system was buggy and Time Warner doesn’t require a contract – a big bonus for us as we haven’t established a credit rating in the US yet and would probably have had to pay Verizon a big deposit in order to enter a contract.

Shortly after signing up with Time Warner I read that they are trialing a tiered pricing system based on bandwidth usage in Texas. Apparently, Time Warner will offer plans priced for up to 5, 10, 20, and 40 gigabytes per month with middle-tiered plans costing about the same as users currently pay now. The explanation for the new pricing plans is one I’ve heard before, that power users, representing 5% of users, consume as much as 50% of network capacity downloading vast numbers of large files, such as movies, videos, and songs. The network operators blame these 5% for any slowdowns. I just don’t buy this statistic and would love to see some actual numbers to back it up. Everyone I know seems to be downloading music or movies, even my 50+ year old parents, these ‘power users’ are no longer the minority. This trend is only to continue, with Apple announcing movie rental over iTunes, the average user is going to be using more and more capacity.

When asked to comment on Time Warner testing tiered pricing, Verizon said they have no plans to cap bandwidth and that cable companies are proposing bandwidth caps due to the limitations of their networks! I love it. If Time Warner starts capping my bandwidth, I’ll be moving to Verizon.

Bandwidth caps, you’re on notice.


On notice: Clowns

January 16, 2008

In news that will surprise no one, kids hate clowns, and so do I. They scare the crap out of me. A study at the University of Sheffield found that all kids between ages of four and 16 dislike clowns, with the olders ones even finding them scary. There is nothing more scary then seeing a clown where one shouldn’t be… like in a forest… alone.

Clowns, you’re on notice.

On notice: Steve Wozinak dating Kathy Girrifin

August 19, 2007

How did this happen? Are they trying to piss me off? Surely they know that I had put them both on notice and this is some sort of retaliation… god think of the off spring. I have a friend over at NASA, good guy, and he builds super-computers all by himself. Well he used a very sophisticated program to determine what their baby would look like and oh my holy mother of god its as scary as its completely realistic. Take a look…

Baby Woz Griffin

On notice: Steve Wozniak

July 6, 2007

Anyone remember that guy from highschool who was a bit socially awkward but quite smart? He was really into computers and TV shows like Red Dwarf? If you ever got into a battle of wits with him he’d always come out with the lamest insults/jokes? Jokes he thought were quite clever and funny but the fact that no one laughed only meant they weren’t smart enough to get?

Well ladies and gentlemen that guy grew up to be Steve Wozniak. Check out this article and read about all the “clever” and “funny” pranks he pulls and how he “took Colbert down”.

Steve Wozniak, you’re on notice.

On notice: The British Pound

January 31, 2007


When I first moved to the UK, the British Pound was very strong against the Canadian dollar with roughtly $2.50 getting you £1. This was great, it made coming back to Canada like going to Eastern Europe or India minus the intestinal problems. Everything was extremely cheap!

Well the gravy train didn’t last long, with the oil price sky rocketing and the Canadian economy taking off, the pound sank against the Candian dollar (see graph) to a low of about $2.00 wiping 20% off my net worth in Canadian dollars!!

Late last year things begun to turn around, just as I was thinking of coming home. The UK increased interest rates and with the hawkishness surrounding the British monetary policy committee members (compared to the Bank of Canada interest rate outlook), the Pound looked very attractive compared to the Canadian dollar and it climbed to $2.35. The tanking of the Canadian economy didn’t hurt either.

However, when the minutes from the Bank of England showed that only five of its nine members voted for the latest interest rate hike, the Pound stopped its climb and headed south.

Once a strong contender for being considered Good Stuff and all the cache which that garners it, the British Pound and its recent decline has displeased me. Come on Pound! We were so close to $2.50 again! I was going to buy every NES game ever to be released with that money.

The British Pound, you’re on notice.